NAPSA board chairman in more corruption charges

NAPSA board chairman in more corruption charges

National Pensions Scheme Authority Board Chairperson, Evans Chibiliti, has been victimising senior management for refusing to steamroll his corruption scams.

In the most recent scam which saw Director of Projects, Phillip Muyumbana, being forced to resign and Director of Legal services, Lydia Chilumba being fired, Chibiliti has been putting pressure on management to approve inflated priced Projects.

The current contentious matter that led to the inappropriate dismissal of Chilumba and Muyumbana, is the Radison Blu Hotel that is being constructed in the resort town of Livingstone.

Details are that Chibiliti forced management to approve construction of the hotel at an inflated price of $100 million when the actual cost sits around $30 million.

He further used his brother and a Ministry of Labour protocol officer, Christian Mwanza , to go and solicit a kick back of $300,000 from the Hotel contractor. This coincidentally happened almost immediately after NAPSA had paid the contractor. The contractor in turn, complained to NAPSA Director General, Yollard Kachinda.

The Director General immediately swang into action and fired the Projects Manager who facilitated the meeting between the contractor and Chibiliti’s brother. It was later discovered that the projects Manager was working under instructions from the Board Chairman.

Kachinda then wrote a letter of complaint to the Ministry of labour to register his displeasure of the protocol officer, alongside Chibilitis brother, attempt to solicit a bribe from the contractor.

Strangely, the protocol officer was just given a slap on the wrist and conspicuously moved to another department. This vividly shows that Chibiliti’s brother and the ministry of labour protocol officer were just proxies for some highly placed individuals.

This has pitted NAPSA board chairman, Chibiliti against the Director General, Kachinda. As a result, when Muyumbana and Chilumba were being dismissed, Kachinda was reportedly to be on forced leave.

Credible sources, have disclosed that fellow board members are shocked at the actions of Chibiliti. Its strongly believed that even the botched Chrismar deal was being driven by Chibiliti.

As a result, management at NAPSA are working in fear as Chibiliti has made it candidly clear that he will restructure and remove them for refusing to toll the line.

More details to follow…

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