NAREP hopes PF will change after their prayers

The opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) is hoping to see a change from the patriotic front government in the way they approach important issues affecting the nation after the prayer and fasting day.

NAREP National Secretary Mabvuto Mwanza says the PF must learn to consult stakeholders at all times before making any decisions and also learn to listen to advice from others on how to do certain things.

Mr. Mwanza says the prayer and fasting that the country is observing today is important in the lives of the people of Zambia thus it is important that after this, the change should be seen in the people of Zambia.

He adds that the reconciliation, unity and love should not just end today adding that after today, people should not go back to their old ways but that it should be a change for the better without ever going back.

Mr. Mwanza further states that the day is very important in the history of the nation and has encouraged Zambians to keep praying even beyond today.

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