NAREP Kanyama Aspirant bemoans leadership of former parliamentarian

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Kanyama Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) Mbita Sumbwe has expressed sadness at the kind of leadership exhibited by the area’s former Patriotic Front (PF) MP Colonel Garry Chanda.

Sumbwe told the watchdog that Chanda had failed lamentably as he lacked visibility and advocacy as he led the people of Kanyama.

He accused the former Parliamentarian of blaming the ruling party for retarded development in the constituency, adding that such is uncalled for because a leader should be smart and have various channel of assisting his constituents.

Sumbwe charged that Chanda was rarely found at the Kanyama Parliamentary Office and this led to him having a poor relationship with the people as he never had time to communicate with them and discuss developmental projects.

He noted that there is need to rehabilitate the drainage systems in the Constituency as their current state poses a great health hazard to the residents.

The Aspiring Candidate stated that the development of drainages is not a quick fix but an issue of great importance that requires Government, stakeholders, and the community to plan and work together.

Sumbwe also said labour force and materials for drainages can be purchased from Kanyama residents so that they are engaged in the job and benefit economically.

He cited floods as another challenge in the area and called on the council to ensure they issue a directive to have an agreed but affordable standard of building to address the flooding problem.

Sumbwe further said for Kanyama to boast of proper growth the Government and opposition political parties should bury their differences and work as partners to come up with acceptable solutions that will foster national development.

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