NAREP rubbishes Daily Mail fake news

NAREP rubbishes Daily Mail fake news

As National Restoration Party,we wish to register our profound disappointment with Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper for the the misleading headline in today’s edition dated Monday,November 18 2019.

As NAREP, we find the headline misleading and highly decieving.NAREP is a member of the opposition alliance and we do not regulate any plan currently to leave the alliance.When the President was asked the question regarding the alliance,he responded that he was relying on the NEC to adequately brief him on the matter as he had just been elected into office.

It is therefore,surprising that Zambia Daily mail has decided to twist the story and mislead the nation on this matter.

We therefore wish to appeal to members of the public to treat the said childish headline with the required disgust and contempt that it deserves.

In case Daily Mail has run out of stories to publish.We wish to point them to the headline sufferings that Zambians are experiencing such as the long hours of loadshedding,high cost of living and the high unemployment levels that are facing the country.500 000 jobs that were promised to the young people in 2015 are still being awaited and Daily mail can do well to write on such issues as opposed to twisting stories.

Going forward,NAREP will not stay any opportunity to seriously deal with such bad journalism.

Allan Sakala

Deputy Spokesperson

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