NAREP shocked PF will waste K2m on ICC withdraw

We are saddened to hear that the justice minister called for a press conference and announced to the nation that his ministry has received an approval from cabinet for them to go countrywide to get submissions from members of the public to whether Zambia should pull out of the international criminal court (ICC) and K2 Million will be wasted amidst many economic challenges the nation is going through.

Our country has urgent issues to attend to and spending K2 Million for a non productive or urgent issue is a serious waste of national resources. We therefore ask the ministry of finance to withhold this funding and take back the matter to cabinet for re consideration. Should this not be adhered to all those who Will be part of this should prepare themselves to be answerable as they will be taking part in national plunder.

Our hospitals lack drugs, our students and universities have no proper funding, our roads in Mkushi and country wide are in deplorable condition; teachers, health workers and many more are not deployed and still on waiting list, general suppliers are not paid, people in many areas still don’t have access to safe and drinking water and the list is endless. The question we have is how has this exercise become so urgent amidst many challenges we are having? This is total mismanagement of our national resources.

We ask the government to start listening to citizens as this money they waste come from taxpayers.

Issued by,

Frank Sichone
Narep Provincial Spokes Person- Central Province
24th March 2017

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