NAREP tells off Kenneth Kaunda

As NATIONAL RESTORATION PARTY (NAREP) on the Copperbelt, we want to appeal to the First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to stay out of active politics and continue being an advisor in the background.

We love and respect Dr. Kenneth Kaunda but the statements he uttered on National Television last night 10 September 2012, cannot go without comment.

The moment Dr. Kaunda, a founding father of the nation takes sides on political Parties, he loses that place of honor given to him. Last year, two months before elections, Dr. Kaunda took sides and supported MMD and
Mr. Rupiah Banda, castigating Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata. Now he has turned around and now supporting Mr. Sata and castigating MMD and the FTJ regime of which Mr. Sata was part of through and through.

We just want to remind Dr. Kaunda that the Zambian people have not forgotten what he did in the 27 years he ruled Zambia. We are proud that he brought us Independence and development but we have not forgotten the misery he put us through. We were lining up for all goods including salt. The
Zambia Airways he was talking about was run down and no Zambian would
afford it except a few.

Most of the companies he built, he destroyed them before MMD took over. ZCCM, ZCBC, NIEC Stores, Dunlope, FIAT, just to mention but a few.

MMD have not been saints either but at least they liberalized the economy, flooded the Zambian markets with commodities and today, a Zambian has dignity owning Houses, cars, businesses, Bank Accounts, Loans and freedom to challenge the status quo of any entity without fear of the vigilantes.

Dr. Kaunda is free to participate in the affairs of this Nation but as a retired politician, he must give advice and help stabilize this nation.
Taking a swipe at MMD or any political Party for that matter is tantamount to breach of retirement conditions which opens up a Ponderous Box of the already buried wrongs of Dr. KK and UNIP. Dr. KK should be advising on how to expand ZESCO, Indeni, Nitrogen Chemicals, Roads, and all limited
Infrastructure which were meant for a few people in his time but now seem limited due to the growth in population (13 million people), a huge influx of Cars, Housing Units being built everyday etc….

As NAREP, we want to advice Dr. Kaunda to stay in retirement and focus on uniting the Nation as a Founding father and as a retiree. We also ask him never to take things too personal because his season is over. Where UNIP started from, MMD built on forward and now it’s time for PF to build
further on.

After PF, another Party will take over and a new generation of politicians who have a Vision to take this nation forward is getting ready to do just that.

Rev. Jevan Kamanga –

NAREP Provincial Coordinator – Copperbelt

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