NAREP upset that police undressed girls who demanded constitution on youth day

NAREP upset that police undressed girls who demanded constitution on youth day

Some of the girls who were arrested

Some of the girls who were arrested

National Restoration Party (NAREP) has condemned the Zambia police for undressing girls who demanded a people driven constitution on Youth Day.

NAREP youth chairman Wilson Banda says it is wrong for the police whose job is to maintain law and order to arrest innocent youths and undress female youths who were only celebrating their day.

And NAREP has challenged the army to explain why the allowed PF cadres put on military uniforms during youth day.

‘We are very displeased with the Zambia Police who arrested 42 youths during yesterday’s youth day celebration,’ said Banda.

Banda said that unruly PF cadres almost disrupted the youth celebrations yesterday but none of them was arrested.

‘It is sad for a party in government to have its cadres fight amongst themselves at an important event. It is unfair that no arrest was made for the PF youths who became violent but police instead decided to arrest innocent youths who did not engage in violence but were simply demanding the constitution that rightfully belongs to all Zambians,’ Banda complained.

Banda said NAREP is demanding an explanation from Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani as to why she allowed her officers to arrest innocent youths without charge and went on to undress her fellow women.

He said ‘it is sad that women are not respected despite the emphasis put in place by various organisations and individuals including Ms Libongani herself to respect women.’

‘We also demand that an explanation be given to the people of Zambia by the Army Commander on why his soldier who paraded at the Youth Celebrations allowed the PF Cadres to be in military Uniform when a few years back, it was agreed that any civilian found in military gear was to be arrested. These PF cadres are using these same uniforms to terrorise Bus Stations like Inter-City, City Markets and townships like the incidence in Matero yesterday,’ Banda said.


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