Narep will soldier on to victory – Chipimo

NAREP remains resolute in its efforts to offer value based leadership to the Zambian people. The results in the recent by election in Feira constituency as well as in various wards (Justin Kabwe in Luanshya, Chibale and Masaninga in Serenje and Mushipashi in Luapula) reflect a familiar pattern of patronage, poverty and the politics of intimidation that the PF administration has taken to new levels.

NAREP nevertheless acknowledges the Patriotic Front victories. We have no hate speech as a party for the winners but we urge them to work hard and deliver to the expectations of the people in Feira, Luanshya and Serenje. Politics is a game where there will always be winners and losers.The malpractices that were reported in Feira should, however, be thoroughly investigated if the majority of Zambians are to place their trust in the Electoral Commission.
By elections have become a normal feature of our political landscape and our outreach to communities across the country compels us to utilize the limited resources at our disposal as a Party to spread our message during these times as we build a firm foundation for the next general elections. We remind every Zambian that the race is not to the swift, nor is the battle to the strong, but time and chance happens to all. We therefore stand resolute in our quest to deliver quality leadership to our country. The road may be bumpy but our resolve will never falter.
Elias C. Chipimo
NAREP President

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