NAREP writes to ECZ over PF donations in Feira ahead of by-election

The Director,

Electoral Commission of Zambia,
Election House
Haile Selassie Avenue
P. O. Box 50274
Dear Sir/ Madam,
We write to express our concern regarding President Michael Sata’s donation of Kr25,000 to a named church. The donation was accompanied by further donations of by Party Secretary General, Mr. Winter Kabimba and the Aspiring Candidate, Mr. Patrick Ngoma.
We draw your attention to Section 79(1)(c) of the Electoral Act No. 12 of 2006. This provision prohibits the making of any gift, loan, offer, promise, procurement to or for any person in order to induce the person to procure the return of any candidate…. Or the vote of any voter at any election.
We believe the above actions are clearly intended to predetermine the outcome of the election. Our claims are backed up by the PUBLIC NOTICE you put in the public and private media, an example of which appears on page 6 of the Post Newspaper of Wednesday 15 May 2013.
The Supreme Court has set a precedent in the case of Mr. Reuben Mutolo Phiri whose election was nullified as a result of a donation he made to a Church in Chipata Central.
NAREP seeks to know the ECZ position on whether you will enforce the law and notify the PF candidate in Feira by-election of this malpractice which amounts to his disqualification. It is clear that his participation will not be on the same plain playing field due to the huge sums of money donated by him and on his behalf to influence the voters.
Rev, Jevan Kamanga
National Secretary

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