National Assembly goes broke

The Zambia’s National Assembly has gone broke for the first time since Zambia attained Independence in 1964. A source from the Legislative wing of government has told the Zambian Watchdog that Members of Parliament that have been sitting for various Parliamentary Select Committees have not been paid for three weeks now.
“The National Assembly is broke there is no funding. It is the first time in the history of Zambia. Even Members of Parliament whose seats have been nullified have not been paid. They are supposed to be paid within two weeks after the nullification” the source said.
The source said during the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) regime parliament had enough funding such that President Michael Sata then MMD National secretary even managed to steal K 2 billion.
” During the MMD government the National Assembly had adequate funding such that Sata then could even steal K 2 billion but it never went broke. Now that no one is stealing the National Assembly is broke” the source said.
The source challenged Finance Minister who is also acting President Alexandra Chikwanda to tell the nation the truth about national coffers.
“I’m a PF Member of Parliament but facts are facts. I think we have failed to run the country, surely the whole lot of national assembly having no funds for close to two months now? What of the Judiciary then. Can you stop corruption like this because a cashless Judge will certainly be compromised. Ba Chikwanda should swallow his pride. He has failed” the source said.

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