National Dialogue Forum sittings extended by another three days

The compromised National Dialogue Forum (NDF) currently sitting in Lusaka has extended its sittings by another three days after failing to finish their work of mutilating the constitution.
The Forum was initially supposed to have finished sitting on Wednesday 8th May 2019 but was granted a three days extension by the Ministry of Justice which was to expire tomorrow Saturday 11th May 2019.
The latest extension of another three days means the Forum will continue sitting up to Tuesday 14th May 2019 after adopting draft Bills, that is if they will not request for another extension.
NDF Secretary Patrick Chisanga has confirmed that Justice Minister Given Lubinda has agreed to grant the three days extension adding that the NDF will formally write to the Ministry of Justice over the extension.

Mr Chisanga stated that there are many outstanding issues that need to be addressed by the delegates. Apart from tampering with the constitution in the name of making amendments, the NDF is also coming up with the political parties Bill and amending the 1955 Public Order Act (POA) which is promising to be worse than the current one which is always abused by the government to disadvantage opposition political parties and people with divergent views.
The NDF was initially supposed to finish all its business in ten (10) days.

Patrick Chisanga

Under the amended POA people who fail to sing the national anthem at public gatherings risk a jail sentence not exceeding two years.

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