National ‘Disaster’ stadium turned into cholera centre

The National (Disaster) Heroes Stadium in Lusaka has been turned into a Cholera centre to cater for the increasing number of new cholera cases being recorded in Lusaka.
Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has stated that the move is also aimed at centralizing intervention measures in Lusaka.
He said the existing cholera centres will remain operational but will only attend to paediatric patients while adults will only be received then transferred to the stadium.
The number of new cases has continued to increase and in the last 24 hours 156 new cholera cases have been recorded


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    To much corruption in Zambia

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    Mwana wako 2 weeks

    So what is wrong with that,you fuckers always you see bullshit,this is what is in your homes.we are not interested in this kind publications,we check on you just to see how useless you are.

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      Spy 2 weeks

      Mwana Wako,it is you who seems to have a shrewd and problematic mind not ZWD as you see it! What is wrong with ZWD informing the nation about what Govt is doing to attend to this national problem? My friend, the ZWD is only telling the nation what is happening and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you Don’t like ZWD, don’t visit the platform and all your baseless attacks will disappear.

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      kashimbi 2 weeks

      Hahaaaaaa….kuti waseka! Typical of Puff cadres, always in denial, accept that you are all clueless, just tidy up your heads.

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    kubweka 2 weeks


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    Blago 2 weeks

    This is what happens when you have thieves as leaders, all they are interested in is stealing.

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    Eye 2 weeks

    It is called a quarantine.