National Empowerment Forum condemns Mulusa for insulting Zambians

NEF is worried about utterances attributed to Mr. Lucky Mulusa in China where he allegedly said 46 Zambian Contractors had abandoned projects due to poor work culture among Zambians.
While we agree that he is one of the Zambians who may have a bad work culture, a culture which allows him to go and ‘wash dirty linen’ in public- denouncing Zambian Contractors in China, we are opposed to his insinuations that seek to brand 92% of Zambian contractors as failures by stating that 46 out 50 have abandoned works.
Mr Mulusa should have addressed this issue in Zambia if he serious about ensuring that contractors completed their works. What Mulusa does not seem to know is that his new found political partners, the PF, boast of patriotism and any manoeuvres to malign his own in order to try and show the Chinese that they are better placed to develop Zambia than Zambians themselves may not sit well with them or indeed with any patriotic Zambian.
Mr Mulusa should be more interested in knowing and resolving the challenges that Zambian contractors who de- mobilise (and not abandon) from their sites face. In fact, we strongly believe that he knows that most if not all contractors demobilise due to failure by government to pay on time.
As NEF, we expected Mulusa to take inventory of all the contractors his government is owing and inform his appointing authorities about the magnitude of government’s indebtedness to the Zambian contractors in particular and all contractors in general.
We are opposed to the old fashioned way of treating investors as superior to citizens. The Chinese should be told in no uncertain terms that Zambians are equal partners in development and should be treated as such. It is deeply saddening to learn that someone from the president’s office can demean his people in a foreign country, all for the sake of justifying “begging”.
I am here in Arusha, Tanzania, attending the 3rd Africa- China Young Leaders Forum where China has attributed its fast economic growth in the past fifteen years to its business dealings with Africa, Zambia included. I therefore do not see any reason why Mr Mulusa or indeed any one should demean Zambian contractors to appease the Chinese –when he is actually pushing an open door.
Edgar Siakachoma
Executive Director
National Empowerment Forum

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