National support for HH overwhelmes tribalists – Nalumango

1486175_776411202441037_4903997540423871242_oThe United Party for National Development will remain focused on its national agenda of delivering a better Zambia after the 20th January Presidential elections despite detractors peddling tribal hatred against the party and its President Hakainde Hichilema, says chaiprrson Mutale Nalumango.

She says her party humbled and encouraged by the ground swell of broad-based support and endorsement UPND and Hakainde Hichilema is receiving from all sections of society as a most preferred party and candidate for the forthcoming 20th January Presidential elections.

‘It is clear from the support UPND and HH in particular has from across the political, regional, ethnic, racial and age group divide that there is a national movement and realization that it is now time to vote for a party and a President that will deliver economic benefits to the majority of Zambians,’ she said.

Nalumango said ‘I therefore wish to dismiss accusations that the Bantu Botatwe have re-grouped under the UPND as baseless malicious and tired political scheme that has always been used to discriminate HH based on his tribe by political opponents and their cartel cohorts.

‘Fortunately, such malicious labelling has this time around failed to sway the majority of Zambians who have resolved to deliver UPND Presidential candidate, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, into state house during the forthcoming elections.

‘The truth is that the time for HH to lead this country has come and no amount of tribal hatred by political opponents and their cartel associates will derail that national resolve for a better Zambia.’

She explained that the support which UPND and HH have continued receiving following the launch of the presidential campaign with a huge rally in Kanyama in Lusaka has overwhelmed our political opponents who have resorted to the old and tired story of tribalism even when everyone is able to see the unstoppable growth of UPND and HH’s popularity countrywide.

‘I am calling on all Zambians to look at a bigger picture of a better Zambia through economic emancipation and vote for HH on 20th January 2015 and leave small minds to continue wasting time on discussing issues aimed at dividing the people of Zambia,’ she said.

She explained that ‘Our President has already pledged that the UPND Cabinet will be inclusive, and at a bare minimum, comprise Ministers from all the 10 provinces and that remains the position come January 2015.’


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