NATSAVE; I want my money

Good morning watchdog,

Please help me find out from NATSAVE when they are going to reverse my k2000, a failed transaction from NATSAVE to MTN mobile money. On a material day (25/12/19) I made two transactions of k2000 each. According to my bank notification, the transactions were successful but money did not reflect on my mtn mobile. After making a follow up the following day, bank officials accepted that there was a technical problem with their system therefore, was asked to lodge in a formal complaint. To my surprise only a single K2000 was reversed on the day I complained as seen by the text message. Calling enquiries, am not getting a good feedback as the lady in charge was telling me to wait for two months before I can get my money back. Surely should i be punished and wait for two months for bank error. I have been inconvenienced and have suffered damages in following up my money. I know people may argue, but I need my k2000 which my employer paid faithfully. Where do I get k2000 to pay school fees. Please help. NATSAVE should improve their services.
Refer to the text messages attached

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