Nawakw admits she is keeping Hatembo’s children

Nawakw admits she is keeping Hatembo’s children



FDD President, Edith Nawakwi has scoffed at Pheluna and Milton Hatembo’s accusation that she wants to kill them.

Reacting to a video that has gone viral on social media in which the Hatembos have accused her of planning to kill them, Ms. Nawakwi has denied the allegation.

She has challenged the Hatembos who are a brother and sister to come out in the open for the sake of their children.

Ms. Nawakwi admitted that she is keeping Pheluna’s children and further claims they have e IMG_7866

stopped eating and are dehydrated because they are missing their mother.

She has asked the alleged abductors to free the Hatembos’ adding that she is happy to see them on video still alive.

But in a video on social media, the Hatembos’ explain that they have not been abducted but simply hiding from Ms. Nawakwi whom they say wants to kill them.

Recently police arrested five people among them Chief Mukuni’s wife Veronica in connection with the alleged abduction of Pheluna and Milton Hatembo.

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