Nawakwi appeals to police to arrest Chama for shooting UPND cadre

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has told the police to stop behaving like an armed
wing of the PF and arrest PF Secretary General Davies Chama for shorting a UPND cadre, Mushaukwa Mushaukwa.
Ms. Nawakwi says it was nonsensical the police were swift in arresting the victim of the shooting while Mr. Chama who allegedly pulled the trigger has been left scot-free. She says it is unbecoming for the police to be acting as the judge, the jury and the defenders of the PF.
“I call upon my sister, Stella Libongani to arrest the PF Secretary General Davies Chama. The problem we have is that the police are behaving like they are members of the Patriotic Front. It is nonsensical that someone who allegedly pulled the gun and shot someone is being protected by the police while the victim is arrested. It is clear that the police just like other state institutions have been infiltrated by PF cadres.
There is no professionalism or ethical conduct from the people who should uphold the rule of law and ensure that justice is not only a preserve of those in power but a fundamental right for all regardless of our political affiliation. I want to further warn Mr. Chama that violence begets violence. No civilized human being can resort to violence in a bid to win votes,” Ms. Nawakwi charged.

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