Nawakwi appointment shocks NGOCC

The Non-Governmental Organization Coordination Council (NGOCC) says it is shocked by the appointment of FDD leader Edith Nawakwi by President Michael Sata to oversee the bio-fuel investment project in the country.


NGOCC board Chairperson Beatrice Grillo says Ms. Nawakwi owes the women movement a comprehensive explanation on her position on the presidential appointment.

Mrs. Grillo says the women movement is aware of the fact that there is nothing wrong with the opposition working closely with the government of the day but states that what is of major concern with regards this appointment is the level at which these politicians work together.

Speaking to QFM News in an interview, Mrs. Grillo adds that appointments are welcome as long as they do not affect the ability of the opposition to provide the necessary checks and balances to government.

She states that Ms. Nawakwi’s appointment will definitely put her in a very awkward position seeing that she is the top leader of a political party who is expected to provide leadership to the party.

Mrs. Grillo says the women movement is looking forward to having a discussion with the FDD leader to really get a clear understanding of the matter.

The NGOCC board chairperson states that if the FDD leader has truly aligned herself to the ruling Patriotic Front, it will be a blow to the women movement, which she says is trying to advocate for women participation in politics.

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