Nawakwi asks President Kabimba to release draft connstitution

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) is asking His Excellency President Wynter Kabimba to give the public the Constitution Roadmap now that he has the instruments of power in his hands.

President Kabimba told us that only the President could give the directive to release the Draft Constitution to the Public. And now that he has been given the rare honour and privilege to preside over the Presidency of this land we challenge him to use his authority to release the Draft Constitution to the public without any delay.

It is equally important that we have a new Constitution that should clearly spell out the line of authority because with our current Constitution anyone can act as President so long he has been given written authority to do so. This is a lacuna that should be addressed because the Presidency being the highest office of the land cannot be reposed in individuals in such a reckless manner.

Issued by

Edith .Z. Nawakwi

FDD President.

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