Nawakwi asks women and youths to aspire for leadership

Written by Antonio Mwaza (FDD spokesperson)
Some youths in Luapula province have vowed to teach the PF a lesson for not fulfilling their promises which they made during the 2011 general elections.

The youths who wanted an audience with FDD leader Edith Nawakwi said they voted for the PF in 2011 because of the hope uplifting their livelihoods but that it remains a promise with no signs of that ever happening.

The youths who spoke through Anthony Chomba said they were promised that Mansa Batteries will be reopened to help absolve some of the unemployed youths in the province but that is remains a promise three years down the line.

He explained that the challenges in the province are compounded by the lack of economic activities as most companies have either been sold to foreign owners who have failed to run them or they have been shut down.

Chomba said the situation has lead to most youths engaging in illicitly activities hence the need to vote in a leader who will ensure that their needs are addressed.

Meanwhile, Luapula Province FDD Campaign Manager Alfred Mwape said it is possible to address their problems and that the solution was note the reopening of old companies but to find other economic activities suitable to the situation in the province.

Mr. Mwape said if people continue demanding for the reopening of old companies politicians will continue feeding them with the same lies even when they know that it is not possible to reopen these institutions.

The campaign manager who was tasked to address the youths by the president said it was important for the youths to understand that the companies the politicians talk about reopening are in bad states hence whoever is promising to reopen them just wants their vote.

He added that the province would be better off if leaders promised to pump money into the agriculture sector as the province is endowed with plenty of water and good soil as opposed to empty promises.

He explained that the province shares the boarders with Democratic Republic of Congo which imports a lot of agriculture products such maize and beef products but that the market has been left to countries that are far from them such South Africa when the province can be turned into the bread basket of the neighboring country.

He also said the province has huge mining potential which should be developed and help absorb some of the unemployed youths in the province.

And Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development FDD President Edith Nawakwi has called on women and youths to start aspiring for leadership positions as that is the only way the country will move forward.

Speaking when she addressed members in Mansa, Ms. Nawakwi said the country continues to lag behind because women and youths are left out of leadership positions when they are the majority in the country.

She observed that countries such Rwanda and Tanzania have by passed Zambia in terms of development because women and youths are fully participating in running the affairs of their countries.

She said the country’s resources can not be left to few individuals adding that the majority country’s population are youths and women.

She further added leadership positions will only go to the youths if they fight for them as the old people in these positions will not hand them over on a silver plat.

The opposition leader also found time to pay a courtesy call on chief Matanda were she reiterated her call to the people to judge everyone in the race to plot one equally as well as for people not to use their emotions when casting their votes but choose a leader based on their capabilities.

While in Chief Matanda’s area Ms. Nawakwi addressed a number of groups asking them to try her and give her an opportunity to prove herself as leader.

She said men have been at the helm of the nation for 50 years and that it was time to try a woman as the country does not belong to men only.

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