Nawakwi behind abduction of UPND member

Nawakwi behind abduction of UPND member

Contact:Neto Halwabala
UPND Provincial IPS southern province

Email:[email protected]


Livingstone -02.3.21


The abduction of our UPND member Tom Silwindi by now is a clear indication that in some way “criminality has been legalized in Zambia by Patriotic Front”.

And if there was a responsible government Mr Silwindi could have been found by now.

As UPND in Southern Province immediately we heard that Tom Silwindi was abducted by unknown criminals we collected broken pieces, and our sharp memories brought in a picture of Edith Nawakwi’s Press Conference where she said that “A man based in Choma by the name of Tom Silwindi is the one who brought Mrs Pheluna Siatembo and the brother to Lusaka to withdraw the appeal in court”.

This is in case where our President Hakainde Hichilema was accused of acquiring land in Kalomo illegaly by which the court ruled he is a rightful owner.

The people of Zambia are aware that the Siatembo family from the time they withdrew the appeal has been hiding from people stalking them.

The wife to Pheluna, Siatembo’s brother was brutally attacked by unknown persons .

We make assumption that the first suspect in the abduction of Tom Silwindi is Edith Nawakwi as a indicating in her past press conference where she mentioned Tom Silwindi.

Even the Hatembo family suspect madam Edith Nawakwi of being behind what they are going through.

But surprisingly the police is failing to summon the suspect.

We have no doubt in our minds that if we had a civilized leadership immediately after Mrs Silwindi Tom reported the abduction of her husband to the Police, Edith Nawakwi could have been summoned to help with investigation over the said abduction.

We know police always summon people who may be suspect in any case.

Why should they give a blind eye on Edith Nawakwi who accused Tom Silwindi of having facilitated the movement of Pheluna and the brother.

That invite speculations on why the police seem to be scared of summoning Edith Nawakwi who could help them to find the abducted person.

We don’t want Zambia to become a risk country where citizens are abducted like the case of Tom Silwindi.

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