Nawakwi exposed even more


1. Who came up with the privatization programme? MMD, Nawakwi was a member.

2. Who passed the Privatisation Act? MMD members of parliament including Hon. E Nawakwi

3. Who implemented the privatization programme? The lead ministries were ministry of commerce and ministry of finance.

4. Who were the ministers of finance during the crucial period? Hon Ronald Penza and Hon Edith Nawakwi

5. What was the key role of Nawakwi?

– to approve key stages of the privatization process
– to recommend value and sale of company to cabinet
– to manage the privatization proceeds
– to recommend changes to the programme and
– to sign the sales agreement.

6. Who was responsible for reporting on the programme activities? Minister of commerce

7. Who was responsible for reporting on the transactions and sales proceeds? Minister of Finance – Edith Nawakwi

8. Who made recommendation of sales price to cabinet? Edith Nawakwi

9. Who defended the sales value in Cabinet? Edith Nawakwi

10. Who had the power to block any sale recommendation to cabinet? Edith Nawakwi

11. Who read and studied the sales agreement with the most care? Edith Nawakwi

12. Whose hand held a pen and signed on the sales agreement? Edith Nawakwi

13. Who then is legally and constitutionally obligated to report and explain the privatization programme, a minister or a consultant? ……………..

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