Nawakwi finally agrees to back Lungu?

Nawakwi finally agrees to back Lungu?

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President Edgar Lungu and FDD President Edith Nawakwi have finally entered into a electoral pact meant to fight HH politically ahead of the forth coming General Elections. Reliable sources both from State House and within PF have confirmed the latest developments, saying the Head of State has acknowledged that it will be difficult for him to win elections without an alliance with MMD and FDD.

According to the agreement signed last month, Ms Nawakwi will be President Lungu’s running mate and both will ensure that they fight HH, GBM and UPND Members in and out to try to bring down HH’s popularity which according to PF, ‘has reached alarming level’. “You know Edith Nawakwi is a very difficult woman to convince. She had set very difficult conditions for us. At first we thought we could just let her be, but we later realized we would be politically domed with this massive support HH and GBM are receiving across the country.

So, with the help of our clergy, we managed to convince the President to bow down to her demands since winning is the only thing we want, these others are secondary”, said one PF official. Sources say the two leaders have also agreed to reserve 25% of the parliamentary seats to FDD and Antonio Mwanza is poised to become the Minister of Home Affairs in an event that their pact succeeded in forming government while other key ministries will be shared equally between the two pact partners. But in case they lose elections, the two have agreed to work together in opposition and give HH the most turbulent stay in State House and try to grub back power in 2021.

The two leaders have also resolved to share all the ministerial, foreign services, in short all government posts in the ration of 2 to 1 should they win the forth coming elections, and have Edith Nawakwi as the President in 2021. Ms Edith Nawakwi is therefore expected to launch a denting attack against HH on ZNBC TV and will also try to utilize the friendship she is enjoying with the post newspaper to hit screaming headlines in the private owned tabloid. President Lungu also agreed to drop people like Hon Chishimba Kambwili, Nkandu Luo and some few other PF Members from his future cabinet should he win since Ms Nawakwi does not like to work with them as the Vice President.

Sources say Ms Nawakwi and Dora Silya believe Kambwili is a bully and he should be put where he belongs after the elections while it is not clear why she really hates Prof Luo; a woman she worked with closely during the reign of President Chiluba when she was Finance Minister while Luo Health Minister. However, Ms Nawakwi considers Mumbi Phiri, Margret Mwanakatwe and Dora Siliya as “my girls” and would love to see them continue in cabinet.

President Lungu has little appetite to work with Nevers Mumba and MMD as he considers him a liability to the alliance since he has no influence on the ground following the defections of almost all MMD members from North Western and Western Province. Sources say former president Rupiah Banda has advised President Lungu to use Nevers Mumba for boosting campaigns only and disappoint him after elections. Mr Banda is said to have unlimited hatrade for Nevers Mumba for embarassing him last year when the two were fighting for the MMD presidency before the 25th January 2015 Presidential Bye-Elections.

In short, President Lungu with the help of his political clergy Rev. Pukuta Mwanza and Bishop Banda including the god-father Rupiah Banda, have succeeded in convincing Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba, Elias Chipimo, Eric Chanda ,Cosmo Mumba to support him ahead of the forth coming elections with a sole purpose of fighting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and counter the massive political influence being generated by GBM across the country. The official defections are set to take place once parliament is dissolved. But in order for the pact not to be detected early, Edith Nawakwi and Antonio Mwanza have be

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