Nawakwi launches poultry grants project

Nawakwi launches poultry grants project

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has launched a Poultry Start-Up Grants project  where she will donate over ten thousand (10000)  chicks plus feed to twenty (20) organizations looking after orphans and vulnerable children in Northern Province.

And speaking when she made her first donation of 1000 chicks plus feed to Chetekela Day Care for Orphans and vulnerable Children in Kasama run by Catholic Sisters,  Ms. Nawakwi said the donations were a practical demonstration of how she intends to continue partnering with various  church organizations which are committed to uplifting the lives of the poor in society.

She said FDD as a Party was a firm believer that the church was a strategic partner in the governance of the country and that she will partner with relevant religious institutions to ensure that people’s lives are uplifted especially the children are uplifted.

“The Church is helping a lot of people and I believe that Government should support the Church to supplement in their efforts to help the vulnerable in society. I believe that the church and Government can be partners and this is a practical demonstration that once in office our Party the FDD will partner with faith- organizations and other institutions which are working hard to uplift the lives of our people.

Alot of times we go to church and we make donations to the main body but what we don’t realize is that the church is run by other subsidiary units such as the Catholic Sisters. You, Sisters have been called to save the poor and you are running a number of projects helping the vulnerable and often times you struggle in your quest to better the lives of orphans, the sick and the vulnerable, so this donation is basically an appreciation and acknowledgment of what you are doing in helping our people,” Ms. Nawakwi.

Ms. Nawakwi also called on the centre to  help spread the knowledge of how to rear chickens by training women and youths from the surrounding communities in poultry farming.

And speaking when she received the donation, Sister Mary Chilengwe, the Project Manager for Chetekela Day Care Centre said she was grateful for the support and that the opposition leader had shown her motherly love to the children of the centre.

She described the gesture by the FDD President as the greatest gift which would empower the Day Care Centre as it was an investment which was sustainable and would help the community raise enough money to meet the basic needs of the over 150 children the centre houses.

“Only God knows what our mother has really done to us. This is the greatest gift that she has given to us as Sisters who are looking after the vulnerable. When we explained the challenges we are facing as a Centre she promised to help but we didn’t think that this help would come within 4 days. You are truly a mother and we will continue praying for you so that you can archive your goal of becoming President of this country and eradicating poverty”, said Ms Chilengwe.

This project is a follow up to the Farmer Input Support Grants Project which the opposition party  launched two weeks ago in which the party is supporting over 4000 small scale farmers with high value crops.

Sister Marry Chilengwe recieves the donation of 1000 chicks by FDD President Edith Nawakwi.IMG_7739

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