Nawakwi refuses to be intimidated by MMD

Forum for Democracy and Development FDD leader, Edith Nawakwi has vowed not to succumb to the intimidation of the ruling MMD following her sustained criticism of president Rupiah Banda and his government.
Ms Nawakwi says she will continue to be critical of the MMD leadership style.
She further describes as empty remarks attributed to vice president George Kunda and the African institute of democracy and good governance that she has failed her party and members are calling for her removal.
Ms Nawakwi says it is clear that the ruling MMD has been threatened by her stability in leadership and the heat is too much for them to handle.
She said assertions by Mr.Kunda that her party members will soon be petitioning her are false and only go to show that the MMD has started to porch some of her party members in order to destroy her political career.
She accused the ruling party of sponsoring a few members in the FDD who might rise against her and call for her to step down.
She was speaking to QFM in an interview.

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