Nawakwi reports herself to police

FDD President, Edith Nawakwi took herself to Samfya Police Station to be arrested following President Edgar Lungu’s directive to the police to arrest her for allegedly tampering with state property and threatening state house security Officers. On thursday President Lungu instructed the police to arrest Nawakwi who was in Bangweulu campaigning for the FDD Parliamentary Candidate in the just ended by election. Nawakwi arrived at Samfya Police station around 08:15 hrs in the company of FDD Spokesperson, Antonio Mwanza and some FDD Constituency and District officials. Upon arrival Ms. Nawakwi told the officers at the reception that she had brought herself to the police for her arrest. She told the police officers that she was aware of President Lungu’s directive to have her arrested and that she did not want to inconvenience the police by making them lose man hours looking for her thus she had decided to turn herself in. At this moment the Samfya Police Officer in Charge Albert Muleka came out of his office and requested Nawakwi to come through. Nawakwi and three of her party officials entered the Officer in Charge’s office where they spent about 10 minutes. And speaking shortly after meeting the police Ms. Nawakwi said she was bewildered and shocked that the President was imagining crimes purported to have been committed by innocent citizens. “I am actually bewildered and shocked that the President can release a statement on imaginary crimes purported to have been committed by citizens. As a Republican President, he should be the last person to be involved in broadcasting fairytale and fiction especially those bordering on state security. If in fact there was a breach of security on the movements of ECZ materials the rightful person to complain to the police should have been the chairperson of the Commission and if there is any criminality in terms of instituting criminal procedure the rightful officers are the Police and not one Chagwa Lungu. Maybe Mr. Lungu, the Minister of Defence who is the leader of PF despite being in State House is not aware of his job description and as such he dreams that he can instruct the police to arrest citizens on fictitious charges. This is the reason we have always said that this president institutes selective prosecution,” she said.

She demanded for an apology from President Lungu. “I require an apology from the Minister of Defence and leader of PF for coming out so viciously against me and purporting intercepted and stopped an ECZ truck on its way to a polling station. The police in Samfya where I am, having taken myself there for possible arrest are equally shocked as to the source of the story because all the ECZ vehicles had a policeman on board when the ballots were being delivered to the polling stations and no officer reported any such case. In fact the entire Police service starting from the IG to the lone officer at the polling station is embarrassed on behalf of their Commander In-Charge- Chief. It is very clear that the President’s source of information is nothing than those people I’m calling ticks because they are just there for Muzungu ani konde therefore the President must be very very careful. In future we advise him not to continue to act on “I have received intelligence reports” and he does not define the source because he is simply discrediting the office of the Director General of State Security.” She noted that the behavior by the President should be a concern to all Zambian. “This kind of behavior by the President causes grave concern to all of us. What will happen if false rumors are given to him that one of our neighboring countries is about to attack us? Wouldn’t this Minister of Defence who is the Commander – in- Chief open the armory of our country and start charging at an imaginary enemy. Vote buying is what they pride themselves in and everybody including the PF themselves know that they have been buying their way into Parliament so my advice is that if Honourable Edgar Chagwa Lungu doesn’t address his gliding political fortune he will be embarrassed next year. Let him get out of this State House cacoon of malicious misinformation and find out what is truly happening on the ground,” she said.

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