Nawakwi says PF is lying about cause of load shedding

Nawakwi says PF is lying about cause of load shedding

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi says Government should not be lying to the people that the increased load shedding is due to low water levels at the Kariba dam as that is far from the truth and has further accused government of using the utility company as a cash till for government salaries.




on UNZA Radio Thursday, the opposition leader said the country is facing increased load shedding due to the ineptitude of the current leadership in government.

She explained that the lowest levels of water in the Kariba was in 1994 but the country did not have such an increase in load shedding.

“By the way this story that there is no what in the Kariba is just a story because I was Minister of Energy and I must remind people that in 1994 we had no rains for two consecutive years and we didn’t have this nonsense. The problem that we have now is that this government has made ZESCO a cash till were they walk in and collect money to pay government salaries and therefore when ZESCO needs cash to buy transformers and repairs have to be done they have no cash.”

And the opposition leader says it is “nonsensical” for the minister of finance to tell NAPSA to buy shares in ZCCM using pensioners money.

“It is nonsensical for the Minister of Finance and I want to be very strong here, for him to ask NAPSA to buy shares in ZCCM using pensioners money which money we know that when they receive, ZCCM is just a conduit of getting money from NAPSA back to theMinistry of Finance,” she noted.

And the opposition leader has advised government to listen to the advise from out going World Bank country rep on the economic outlook of the nation.

“I urge the PF Government to listen to the out going World Bank country rep’s last words, they may not listen to Edith Nawakwi, I plead with you my brothers and sisters in PF, I plead with you the Minister of Defence honorable Edgar Lungu read and understand the statement from the former resident rep of the world bank.”

Meanwhile, Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini on Tuesday told Parliament that Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma will this week issue a ministerial statement on the ongoing countrywide load shedding of power.

Dr Matibini said this after Chadiza member of Parliament Allan Mbewe (MMD) raised a point of order on whether Government was in order to keep quite while there is massive load shedding.
“Why is the minister quite when load shedding has gone to the worst?” Mr Mbewe asked.

In response, Dr Matibini said the minister has been communicating with his office over the matter.

“According to our business, I’m expecting a statement either tomorrow [today] or at the very latest Friday. So it is a matter that is receiving attention,” Dr Matibini said.

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