Nawakwi says PF will soon start feeding Zambians on GMOs

The PF government is planning to start feeding Zambians on Genetically Modified foods through Shoprite (Z) limited. Shoprite has since advertised the importation of GMOs such as spices. We are shocked that Government can be so uncaring to the extent of exposing its own people to GMOs whose side effects have not been quantified.

The ugly memories of the Zambeef debacle are still green in our minds and it is agonizing to note that our government has decided to subject our people to potentially hazardous foodstuffs for the sake of lining their pockets with pieces of silver. The issue of importing GMOs is a policy issue and it is clear that someone in Government, at the highest level is benefiting from this deal. We challenge the Minister of Agriculture Hon Given Lubinda and his Defence counterpart, Edgar Chagwa Lungu to come out clean and prove to the nation that they are not part of this scheme to start feeding our people on GMOs.

It is completely unacceptable that the Minister of Defence Hon Chagwa Lungu and his Government have resorted to using Zambia as a platform for supplying the rest of Africa with potentially contaminated foods. Have they consulted our sister countries in the SADC region that they want to use our country as an unmanned gate to supplying our people in the region with GMOs whose implications are actually unknown? This Judas Iscariot mentality from our colleagues in Government will lead them to the same fate Judas suffered. It seems that corruption in this country has moved from State House right to our graveyards. Aba abantu ba PF kuti bashitsha ne chalo umulandu wakutemwa impiya. Issued by; Edith Z Nawakwi

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