Nawakwi says soldiers should be given emerald mines to run

Nawakwi says soldiers should be given emerald mines to run

By Edith Nawakwi

Zambia is land of limitless opportunities. The only problem we have is that we don’t love each other.

We have the minerals and our Zambia National Service -ZNS is lubricating their equipment every week. I wish we could give them one manganese mine to excavate and raise money to even pay some of our debt.

I always wonder if I had a chance, I would have given a concession of manganese mine and emerald mine to Zambia Army and Zambia Prisons Service and equip them with all the requirements and the skills they need to work in the mining industry.

Unfortunately, all the nice spots including rare earth have been given to foreigners. How on earth can you give a rare earth deposit as if you are giving away a goat for a family picnic? We are just enemies of ourselves.

Even if God comes back he will weep us all with a Mukula tree into satan’s cage and we shall all perish.

We have our ZNS with all the equipment being greased weekly with tax payers money and somehow some of the miners hire our ZNS equipment.

Just take note Zambian’s; a carat of emerald is $6,000 while a ton of copper is $6,000. Our mining engineers are unemployed, our ZNS have the equipment and we the people have the minds. WHERE IS THE DISCONNECT? Is it mental, physical or simply a case?

These are my thoughts. What do you think?

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