Nawakwi says will campaign door to door in Barotseland


Forum For Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi says Western Province has the potential of becoming not only Zambia, but the continent’s food basket if its properly harnessed by leaders.Speaking when she addressed party supporters in Mongu’s Mulambwa Ward, the opposition leader said the province should not be in the poor state it is because it has massive potential in agriculture and that it can feed not only the country but the continent.

She said this can happen if the natural resources the Province is endowed with can be properly utilized.Ms. Nawakwi wondered why the province should lag behind in development when it had all the resources which it needed to develop

“Why should you always be the ones lagging behind in development as if you insulted God. Zambia was created for all of us and no one should be enjoying at the expense of others.

This province can be the bread basket of Africa because you have everything. You can grow all the rice that Africa needs but because of bad leadership, you continue to produce meagre quantities of the crop due to inadequate support from the people you choose to be your leaders,” she said.

Ms. Nawakwi further said it was not right that school children in the province are dropping out of schools due to simple reasons which could easily be fixed if responsible leaders were voted for

“Why should your child drop out of school in Grade 7 when others in Lusaka are going up to university level? Why should a child complete Grade 12 and languish in the village with good results because he has never heard about the Bursary’s Committee.What we are saying as FDD is that it is possible to have a good life but it all begins with by ensuring that you vote for people who are willing to work with you.” She said.

The FDD leader said her party was providing different leadership anchored on working with the people as they believe that is the only way the country would develop.
“We want you to tell us what you want in your communities and not us imposing on you because only then can the country move forward.Our sisters are giving birth today and tomorrow the child or the mother dies. All these challenges have solutions which lie not in Lusaka but amongst you the locals.” Ms. Nawakwi elaborated.

She noted that politicians fail to deliver because they make promises without understanding the needs of the people on the ground.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nawakwi says she will not address any rallies in the province because she did not want to address faceless people but would go down to the grassroots.

She noted that by addressing people in small groups she would appreciate their needs and challenges which would make easier for her to remember and deal with once she is elected as Republican President on 20th January 2015.

The results oriented opposition President has since appealed to her supporters to help her convince the masses to vote for her in the coming elections.

And Copperbelt Province Vice Chairperson, Margret Mutandwa, cautioned the public against “being moved by the wind when voting like was the case in 2011 when people just voted for change with scrutinizing what the leaders”.

She said the country has been given a chance make real change in the forthcoming Presidential elections.

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