Nawakwi scoffs at UPND

Nawakwi scoffs at UPND

Edith Nawakwi scoffs at UPND’s agricultural program, says people rejected MMD which UPND has now resurrected

THE PLANTING SEASON IS HERE AT LAST… and yet we have a Minister of Agriculture who is snoring. The Maize is still out in the field and the cumulonimbus clouds are gathering.

The Maize is piled up by FRA and farmers still have no bags to bag their crops. It is clear for everyone that the reincarnation of MMD in UPND is not the change the people wanted. People were looking for an executive from the boardroom and alas our Chief Executive has gone to the political archives and rewarded us with the change we rejected in 2015, the MMD.

We rejected MMD if you remember as they were notorious for Agriculture inputs where farmers received Urea fertiliser in February and D-Compound fertiliser in March.

Honestly, what have we done to deserve a reincarnation of the MMD leaders whom the people had rejected.

There are more MMD in this new dawn government than they are the founder members of UPND whom the people wanted. The fate of UPND in the next 5 years will be determined by the ineptitude of such Ministers as the Minister of Agriculture who doesn’t know October is planting month.

Even the armyworms are watching in disbelief if they will have a taste of their usual menu this year.

Edith Nawakwi
FDD president

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