Nawakwi shocked at police brutality, Lungu’s incompentence

Nawakwi shocked at police brutality, Lungu’s incompentence

IMG_5577FDD President Edith Nawakwi has expressed shock at the  unleashing of police officers to beat up students at Copperbelt University when the police should have a motherly face as the institution is run by a mother.

And Ms. Nawakwi has observed that the closure of mines in country is not about the low copper prices but the ineptitude of President Edgar Lungu and his Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.

Speaking when she addressed Constituency officials from 5 constituencies in Kitwe District, Ms. Nawakwi said it was sad that the Zambia police has continued with its brutality as people expects it to have a motherly face due to the increase in the number of women in top positions.

She condemned the brutal attacks on students by the police and wondered how two mothers, the inspector general of police Stella Libongani and her junior  copperbelt commissioner Joyce Kasosa could allow such brutality on their friends’ children.

” What is shocking me is for a mother to unleash police on innocent students. Does she have a humane heart? Even the copperbelt commissioner of police ( Joyce Kasosa ) is a mother yet they unleash police on students. That is very sad and we condemn it. What is so shocking is that the IG, a woman can release the police to beat up students like a dog that has stolen a chicken,” she said.

And Ms. Nawakwi said the manner the PF is handling the fiscal policies is investor unfriendly.

” The manner in which Mr. Chikwanda has handled the fiscal policies this country is investor unfriendly. Today he wakes up and says this, the other day that. He is handling investments in this country as if he is supervising the sale of tomatoes at the market.

He is not aware that investors world over go to countries where they are welcome. It is very clear that investors in this country have been clearly told to their face that they can pack and go from the ministers in government. Time to time, we have heard from the mouths of the Kambwili’s and state house that investors can go,”  Ms. Nawakwi said.

” It is clear that this government is not striking a balance for the investment to benefit the Zambian people. The behavior of this government wants the investors to go. These ministers are interests are for the mine owners to go away so that these ministers can bring their friends to pick up these mines that is the only objective,” continued the FDD President.

She noted that there has been no attempt by the President and his Government to understand the challenges the mining sector.

” Look Chile is doing mining, are people closing the mines No! Chile is selling the copper to the same clients but why are they not closing? But when you have a government that does not know when the next rain season starts its a problem.

The closure of the mines is not of low copper prices, but the ineptitude of President Lungu and his finance Alexander Chikwanda. If we had different crop of leaders, mines could not be closing. At the moment government does not care for the job loses in the mines.”

She added ” …its unfortunate that copperbelt voted for Edgar Lungu and have paid and will continue to pay for that generosity because he has paid them with a scorpion and not an egg.”

Ms. Nawakwi who is in the Copperbelt for Party mobilization also held public meetings in Nkana Constituency were she called on residents to vote out the PF as their 4 years in office has turned out to be a waste as can be seen by the escalating prices in commodities and services.

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