Nawakwi threatened to kill us – Hatembos

Nawakwi threatened to kill us – Hatembos

Nawakwi said we would be killed if we refused to cooperate – Hatembos.

Pheluna and Milton Hatembo have said Edith Nawakwi threatened to kill them if they refused to cooperate in a matter in which they refused to appeal against a High Court ruling that found UPND President Hakainde Hichilema not guilty of any misconduct in a transaction of a farm in Kalomo.

In a freshly released video in which Pheluna mentions the date as being 24th April 2021 (today), the siblings appeal to Zambians especially the women folk to sit Nawakwi down and seriously talk to her to leave them alone.

“Nawakwi said we would be killed(they make a sign of beheading with a knife across their throats), if we refused to cooperate. If we die our blood is on Nawakwi’s head”, they charge.

They denied that they were being held against their will but that they were running away from Edith Nawakwi.


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    Ngabwe 2 weeks ago

    Zambia is really a land of the mediocre who is the president in that cowntry kanshi? Really embarrassing to have a stupid story going like that and the mediocre police is quite???? Awe sure

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    Ndine 2 weeks ago

    The Hatembos should be appealing to the Police, as we all are,to arrest Nawakwi without any further delay. Why is she fre e when this is evidence of people fearing for their lives on account if threats from Nawakwi? The Police were quick to arrest a woman on basis of a video on social media showing that she gave alcohol to a child. So why is Edith Nawakwi not arrested on the basis of this video revelation by the Hatembos that Nawakwi had been threatening them and that’s why they are in hiding? She even had the audacity of ordering the Police to search Hakainde’s residence for the Hatembos?

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    Buck teeth lungu 2 weeks ago

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