Nawakwi to call for arrest of HH

Nawakwi to call for arrest of HH


Edith Nawakwi to hold another press conference tomorrow.

It’s not clear what she will talk about tomorrow in particular but it will be about the Hatembo family in general. Maybe she will be directing the police to arrest Hakainde Hichilema.
So far she has caused massive suffering and arrests of innocent people by issuing lies that they have abducted the Hatembos. The Hatembos themselves have  away from Nawakwi who wants to slaughter them.

Senior citizens, traditional rulers, mayors and ordinary people have so far been arrested following lies by Nawakwi.
Nawakwi now says the Hatembo are at HH’ house meaning she wants the police to raid HH’s house.
Sadism at its worst.
But we winder the police can allow to be used by a woman on a revenge mission??

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    Buck teeth lungu 1 week ago

    This is what you get from a Has been.
    Zambia watchdog why are you even carrying such a nonsensical report you are better than this rotten nawakwi

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    Ready Spear 1 week ago

    I am glad that such events are now Taking place because at the end of it it all, people will see who Nawakwi is. Can someone also bother to tell us what she did at the Paris Club when she was Minister of Finance.

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      Yangu 1 week ago

      This what the police should follow – FDD president Edith Nawakwi has been challenged to explain her involvement with the Canadian businessman Ari Ben-Menashe who swindled Zambia in a bogus maize deal and was also involved in the failed privatization of some mining assets.
      PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has also challenged FDD spokesman Antonio Mwanza to explain if he had asked Ms Nawakwi about Ben-Menashe’s involvement in the botched mines privatization deals, “he should not just talk about things without investigating”.
      Ms. Phiri revealed that Carrington Sales owned by an Israeli Ben-Menashe was ordered by a London court to refund Zambia US$10 million from the botched maize deal but that Ms. Nawakwi introduced the same man to the privatization team led by chairman Francis Kaunda.
      Mrs. Phiri said Ms Nawakwi, who presents herself as an incorruptible and virtuous person, must explain what role Ari Ben-Menashe played in the failed delivery of maize to Zambia and also his involvement in the failed purchase of mining assets which had to be stopped by President Frederick Chiluba.
      Ms. Phiri said the role of Ms Nawakwi in the botched sales of the mines were very well documented in a book published in 2002 by former privatization negotiation chairman, Francis Kaunda, which book has never been challenged.
      “That book gives details of the role Ms Nawakwi played and it cannot be said that she is blameless,” she said.

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    Jack 1 week ago

    We know the plan here, it is to get access to HH’s home so that ‘wrong’ things are done there

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    THE WATCHMAN 1 week ago

    What is your true motivation in this whole issue of this family?
    Are you a family member and complainant?
    Am really at a loss for words what you Nawakwi are doing to numerous households.
    Nawakwi, your severe obsession with HH is now worrying me and I’d suggest those close to Nawakwi should try to advise her on how to conduct oneself in the public space.

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    The Worshipper 1 week ago

    So much lies, deceit, hatred, tribalism, brutality, prostitution, witchcraft  going on in these politics of Zambia.  An educated woman Shamelessly attacking her fellow opposition leader day in and out instead of taking care of her ailing husband.  I must tell you Woman that in all this There is a God watching 😳He that Never Sleeps Nor Slumbers…
    Fear God and I say it again:  Fear God!!🔥🔥

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    Fonti 1 week ago

    It’s said if you react to every barking dog, you won’t reach your destination in time. The siblings have said they are not abducted, so why should HH waste his precious time responding to baseless rantings ?

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    Blank 1 week ago

    But where are the Hatembos? If they are not at HH’s home let him deny the accusation. HH keeping quiet will not hep matters.

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    We will not be surprised given that the police force has gone to the puppies! You know what puppies do when the perceived master dangles a stick!!