Nawakwi to continue disparaging HH on ZNBC

Nawakwi to continue disparaging HH on ZNBC

PF Sponsors Nawakwi to Discredit HH on ZNBC Sunday Interview

In their continued desperation and desire to cling to power, PF has hired FDD President Edith Nawakwi to continue discrediting their most feared politician and UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

This week on Sunday Interview Nawakwi will feature and continue her allegations that Hichilema stole from the country’s privatisation exercise.

The privatisation exercise in which President Edgar Lungu also took part but squandered his earnings while Hichilema invested was carried out by MMD and Nawakwi was minister through out the tenure. She was only fired at the height of the Carlington maize scandal in which she connived with unscrupulous people to import maize at inflated prices.

While the privatisation exercise was on, Nawakwi was at one time a minister of finance, thereby directly overseeing the exercise.

The appearance on Sunday Interview which is pre recorded is a continuation of her recent appearance on Hot FM Radio but was rubbished by many citizens.

The Watchdog can confirm that Nawakwi’s Sunday Interview programme was recorded today, unlike its usual recording on Wednesdays. The programme was purely scripted and aimed at diluting UPND popularity on the Coppebelt and among youths to show as if its Hichilema who sold the mines and leading to the suffering of the people there.

Hichilema was only 29 years old at the time of privatisation and with no connections in government, no experience of government work. This has even been substantiated by campaigns against him lacking government experience.

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