Nawakwi speaks for youths,says upgrading Zambia to middle income is dangerous

Nawakwi speaks for youths,says upgrading Zambia to middle income is dangerous

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi says there is need to create a knowledge based society by providing education of high quality for the younger generation.

Nawakwi, who was speaking on Radio Christian voice’s chat back program on Wednesday morning, said there should be provision of free education up to secondary level and improvement of the infrastructure in the country’s high institutions of learning such as University of Zambia (UNZA).

She noted that Government should have an obligation to also recreate opportunities for employment and self employment so that the youth can form the core of the future middle class.

Nawakwi said it is disheartening to admit that Zambia is far from achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number two, which is to achieve universal primary education by 2015, as the education standards in the nation are pathetic.

Reacting to the country’s recent rating as a middle income nation, the FDD leader, who is also former finance minster in the Chiluba regime, said the act is extremely dangerous and curtails our financial aid from donors.

She said the rating is based on the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures which make no sense at all as people are wallowing in poverty due to the fact that Zambia is a least developed country that needs nursing.

Nawakwi noted that there is need to create wealth at household level if the country is to eliminate poverty and truly boast of being a middle income state.

The former finance minister advised whoever emerges victorious in the forthcoming polls to work closely with individuals from the Central Bank to ensure fiscal and monetary policies are used to develop the country.

She said there must be a decentralisation policy to lessen the powers of the head of state so that exercising of powers and decision making can start from the grassroots which are the districts.

In addition, Nawakwi accused President Rupiah Banda of dragging the nation in to debt as he is a careless borrower who treats Zambia like his solely owned supermarket.

She charged that during the Late Levy Mwanawasa’s rule, the departed head of state managed to reduce the country’s debt to K3miilion, but it is sad that since President Banda was ushered into office the money owed has increased to over three billion kwacha.

Nawakwi also condemned the Government for doing shoddy works on the roads only to entice the citizens to vote in favour of the ruling party.

She said a lot of roads have been constructed speedily and unprofessionally, adding that their lifespan will be short as they will become impassable soon.

Nawakwi further denied allegations that FDD Vice President, Chifumu Banda has endorsed President Banda ahead of polls as he still pledges allegiance to his party.

She said the misconception that Banda was supporting the republican President arose because he was the Chairperson of National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

Meanwhile, the FDD President appealed to citizens to cast their votes wisely and in a peaceful manner but must first of all scrutinise political aspirants and single out individuals who have their interests at heart as the issue at hand is leadership and not character assassination and discussion of petty issues.


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