Nawakwi wanted to be vice-president, but we can look after her bedroom issues- PF

Nawakwi wanted to be vice-president, but we can look after her bedroom issues- PF

Senior PF leaders have accused Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) president, Edith Nawakwi, of being bitter because she has not been given the republican Vice-president position which she was eyeing and promised.

The senior PF leaders said Nawakwi was a regular visitor at State House and even escorted president Michael Sata to Brazil together with NAREP president Elias Chipimo jnr on the promise that current ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott would not serve long and that she (Nawakwi) was going to be appointed vice-president.

“But as things have turned out, Scott’s intentions to step down on account of ageing have not materialised and now Nawakwi grew impatient and actually feels used like the likes of Lameck Mangani and others hence her sadden bitter stance against the PF government on everything,” a senior PF member said.

The source said Nawakwi’s calculation was also that as vice-president, she stood a chance of a quick ascendancy to the republican presidency because of the failing health of president Sata which she thought would lead him to stepping down or something happening to him.

“Her early support for the PF was actually based on bad motives and evil intentions plus fake promises by Mr. Sata but she has now learnt the true meaning of ‘donchi kubeba’ where Mr. Sata has not fully kept his promises to her except for the now almost abandoned oil project in Muchinga,” sources said.

Ms. Nawakwi, who condemned and attacked other opposition leaders such as UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema that raised issues against the PF government, has of late emerged as one of the fierce critics of the PF government policies on many issues including removal of subsidies, poor government expenditure, and deteriorating human rights record.

But the senior PF sources said Ms. Nawakwi should watch her steps and criticisms against the PF because Mr. Sata is capable of resurrecting the Carlington maize scandal and other issues against her that might send her to jail.

“Go and tell that girl to shut up and concentrate on her broken and failed marriages. If she wants extra men, there are many of us in PF capable of doing and satisfying her like we have done with (Silvia) Masebo, otherwise she will be sorry if she continues along her current path of criticising us,” a PF senior member said.

Asked if the PF position was not demeaning to women, the PF senior member said Masebo and Nawakwi were generally quarrelsome women who can only keep quiet once sorted out in their bedroom and some government position to maintain their extravagance life-styles.

“That’s why I am telling you there are enough men in PF who can deal with her bedroom issues and she can even earn some descent income from the same. She may not be that beautiful, but I think she is not yet finished in bedroom and so we can provide,” said the PF senior member.

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