Nawakwi warns Lungu and his agents

Nawakwi warns Lungu and his agents



FDD president Edith Nawakwi has warned president Edgar Lungu and his agents not to inspire civil strife in the country and further warns that their scheme to impeach the constitution may back and lead to the impeachment of President Lungu himself.

Commenting on two PF agents who have gone to the Lusaka High Court seeking a court order to stop the 2016 elections, the FDD leader said the plot by the PF to stop the 2016 election by impeaching the Republican Constitution will have consequences of the president being impeached himself.

Ms. Nawakwi further warned the PF not to tempt the public by inspiring debate over an issue which is non debatable adding that the only motive behind the two agents is for the people in office  to continue rooting the country’s  resources.

Below is the transcription of Ms. Nawakwi’s comments on the issue.

They want to start a dirty game whose only interest is to continue to root the resources of this country. The so called petitioners have clearly said they are friends of the President and birds of a feather flock together. By virtual of them declaring that they are friends of the President it’s clear that they sat over a drink and sketched a plot to impeach the Constitution of this Republic.

Our President claims to be in AU and in the regional bodies over seeing peace in the region, I do not expect the Head of State to inspire strife at home while pretending to be making peace abroad.

PF came into office and promised us a Constitution in 90 days, they were in opposition for 10 years surely they should have sat down and identified the lacunas in our current Constitution which the people of Zambia having been happing about that is the reason why we want a Constitution, who is sitting on it? It’s the same President and for him to be so notorious as to start inspiring such debate only reviews the real colours of who we are dealing with.

I don’t think that any Judge of good standing would want to pen their name to the adulteration of the rules and norms governing our nation. If people recall in 2008 am on record as having said that at the demise of the head of state one would expect that his vice should continue, this is the practice world over, even at the last unfortunate incident we tried to talk to a number of MPs, we said you people in parliament why not allow the vice president Dr. Guy Scott to finish the term because it would just have required an amendment to the law instead of an election and that would have allowed us to conclude the pending issues in the Constitution using the same money we used to hold the elections the answer I got from some key PF official was that don’t even think about Guy Scott continuing even for another week.

We cannot develop this country with the current constitution because it reposts too much power in one individual who at this very moment can go and bull doze the judiciary and take this no sense before us and pass it through. That was our worry and it is still our worry, there is no independence of any institutions in this country.

If the Doctors have advised the President that he should scale down on his work load that is not a recipe for postponing the elections in 2016, if he wants to be in the game he has to run. In any case as we are speaking right now Patriotic Front has already started campaigning and issuing jingles on public media so they are ahead.

They have collected enough 10 percents from their contracts, right now they are trying to borrow more money so that they can continue to enrich themselves if 21months is not enough to accumulate wealth then tuff luck. The people of Zambia are crying, there is misery everywhere you look and I know even those in PF agree with me that the writing is on the wall they have failed that is why they are coming up with such schemes to try and impeach the constitution but they should know that this will have the consequence of impeaching the president.

Let me put it this way to these children, we fought the colonialists and they left, we also fought the one party state vicious as it was and they existed, we fought the third term and it was put to rest and if the PF think they have the capacity and muscle to start a war in this country then the inappropriate helicopters they have bought from Russia are not enough for them to run away from this country.

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