Nawakwi’s lies, hypocrisy on ZNBC PF project exposed

Nawakwi’s lies, hypocrisy on ZNBC PF project exposed


1. Livingstone Intercontinental hotel received a $20m bid – FASLE: The $20m bid was for both Lusaka and Livingstone

2. Government appointed GT as receiver of RAMCOZ – FALSE: ZANACO triggered the receivership and appointed GT.

3. Government sold RAMCOZ to Binani Group – HALF TRUTH: ZPA recommended that the company be sold to FQ, but cabinet overruled that decision and sold to Binani Group – problems began here, not during the recievership.

4. Minister had no control over the evaluation committee and consultants who were hired by World Bank, IMF and ZPA – The law did not provide any role, influence or authority to the World Bank or IMF. Only ZPA was solely responsible for the hiring of consultants under terms of reference approved by the Minister.

5. Nawakwi had no insights and information of the work of consultants and only acted on the recommendations by the evaluation/­negotiating team – FALSE: The Privatisation board was co-chaired by the MOF permanent secretary who reports to the Minister of Finance.

6. HH dubiously obtained the TBZ house because GT was involved in the liquidation of Lima bank – FALSE: Firstly, her facts were wrong in her Hot fm interview were she claimed it was a Lima Bank house. Secondly, the sale of property was handled by a real estate firm using an open and competitive public tender. Nawakwi failed to show any undue advantage HH had as a bidder in an open market.

SCORE= 0.5 out of 6; Grade F

Richard W
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