NCC boycotting MPs reported to police

Two former University of Zambia Students union Executive have decided to report MPs who are not attending the National constitutional conference to the police for possible criminal prosecutions.

Former UNZASU president Antonio Mwanza and former secretary general Stanford Kabwata say all those MPs who are not attending the NCC sittings are in violation of the law and are liable for criminal prosecution as stipulated in the Penal Code of Zambia.
They said law reads in part that: “Everyone who wilfully disobeys any Statute or Act by doing any act which it forbids, or by omitting to do any act which it requires to be done, and which concerns the public or any part of the public, is guilty of a misdemeanour and is liable, unless it appears from the Statute or Act that it was the intention of Parliament to provide some other penalty for such disobedience, to imprisonment for two years.”
Briefing the press in Lusaka on Tuesday morning, Mr Kabwata challenged the relevant law enforcing agencies to quickly move in and ensure that MPs not attending the NCC are prosecuted.
He urged all well-meaning citizens to support their cause and ensure that the very fundamental tenets of good governance which he says are; honesty, transparency, diligence and accountability are upheld.
And speaking at the same Briefing, Mr Mwanza says the matter will be reported to the inspected general of police so that criminal proceeding can be instituted.
He also says he intends to champion the cause to its logical conclusion.
Mr. Mwanza has further dispelled assertions that he and Mr Kabwata have been sponsored by vice president George Kunda.
And NCC spokesperson mwaangala zaloumis says the NCC act is clear on who is supposed to be a member.
She says MPs not attending the conference are free to start attending if they change their stance.
Yesterday patriotic front spokesperson given Lubinda said Members of Parliament that boycotted attending the National Constitution Conference have maintained that they will not be part and parcel of that process.


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