NCC Delegates Under Pressure

PF spokesperson Given Lubinda has advised the NCC delegates to respect the wishes of Zambians concerning the 50+1 threshold as citizens had already resolved the matter.

Speaking in an interview, Lubinda said it was a waste to of time to vote for or against the clause so the delegates should just concede and address the aspirations of Zambians.

Meanwhile, Zambian Women’s Lobby (ZWL) Executive Director, Emily Sikazwe said the NCC delegates have no choice but to respect the views of the Zambian people.

Sikazwe urged the delegates to let the desires of the Zambian people prevail as the submissions of citizens have shown they are in support of the 50+1 clause.

Furthermore members of the PF\UPND pact have threatened to demonstrate if the clause does not get the majority vote this afternoon owing to the fact that there has been failure of agreement among the delgates.

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