NCC to continue sitting till 2010

Vice President George Kunda, who is also Minister of Justice, has today told parliament that the National Constitution Conference (NCC) will continue sitting up to 2010 in order for it to come up with a constitution that will stand a test of time.

Mr. Kunda was responding to a question raised by the Chipili Member of parliament Davis Mwila who wanted to know how much money will be spent on NCC and how the disbursement of funds to the conference has been.

He told the house that about K52 billion has since been disbursed to the NCC for 2008.

He explained that the Ministry of Finance and National Planning gives the money to the Ministry of Justice, which is later taken to Bank of Zambia and later taken to NCC.

Mr. Kunda said government will ensure that NCC to do a recommended Job to up with a constitution that will stand a test of to benefit and serve the nation.

He further said about K50 billion was allocated to NCC for the 2009 budget, noting that this would be the last allocation to the conference.

He noted that government was committed to providing Zambians with good governance of the country and improving the electoral process to save the nation.

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