Nchelenge nurse rapes patient


A nurse working at St Paul’s mission hospital in Nchelenge, Luapula Zambia, had raped a 19 year old patient, and had been apprehended by the local police.
The culprit only identified as Mr. Kabaso, is currently held in Nchelenge police station custody awaiting court appearance
The incidence happened on 18th when he was working night. The patient came with complaints of abdominal pains and fever, malaria test was done and came out positive. This nurse then told the family to wait outside and suggested to give some sleep aid drugs to relief the abdominal pain, the idea that the mom seconded to. When the family went out, this nurse administered diazepam, a controlled drug in the hospital due to its habit forming effect to this innocent girl, and started making love to her when she was completely passed out. After some times, the girl tried to get back from the effects of the drugs, but this quick nurse had already withdrawn another dose of diazepam and already waiting in the syringe, he quickly infused it thru the cannula.
Just when he thought he was done, the mother to the girl, with idea that her child may die due to the drugs she was told will be given to her, rushed to check up on the Daughter only to find this nurse dressing up
The all incidence happened from the duty room in medical ward on an examination bed.
Police arrived later on 19th (yesterday)
The girl is current under observations in the medical ward private room at the same hospita
Mr Kabaso was on disciplinary assessment following his professional behavior where he was working previously

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