‘Bufi’ chanting Nchelenge PF cadres demand resignation of their MP over failed promises

‘Bufi’ chanting Nchelenge PF cadres demand resignation of their MP over failed promises

Scores of Patriotic Front-PF cadres in Nchelenge district of Luapula province this morning marched to the district administration and demanded to be addressed by the district commissioner Royd Chakaba.

The cadres who  earlier defied police counsel to follow the normal channel and obtain a police permit accused their area MP and the PF government of having failed them due to lack of development in the area .

The cadres insisted that they were not violent and that all they wanted was to bring their grievances to the attention of the government.

The residents demanded that their MP Raymond Mpundu Lukonde resigns together with his councillors as they feel cheated with the PF government that has not delivered on their promises.

The residents who were chanting ‘PF bufi’ also accused the MP of not visiting the area and that when he does visit, he only goes at night but spend most of his time in Mwansabombwe where he comes from and has his businesses.

Police officers at Nchelenge station had earlier intercepted the demonstrating cadres in Kashikishi area and advised them to get a permit as provided for by the law and warned them against engaging in illegal activities.

The cadres are accusing the area Member of Parliament Raymond Mpundu of among other issues neglecting his electorates.

The cadres further claimed that some people loyal to the member of parliament have allegedly started conniving and are selling fertilizer which has just been delivered to the district intended for distribution to the vulnerable people.

However, Nchelenge district commissioner Royd Chakaba could not address the cadres because they had no permit.

Mr Chakaba advised the cadres to follow the law and obtain a police permit.

The district commissioner said he was ready to meet the cadres and hear their grievances but underscored the importance of abiding by the law and urged the grieving cadres to follow the procedure.

The cadres who remained calm were dispersed by police officers who kept vigil at the district administration offices.

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