Nchinsali headmen, villagers arrested for opposition Sata’s choice of chief

Seven headmen and 10 villagers in Chief Chewe’s chiefdom in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province have been locked up for opposing ailing dictator Michael Sata’s imposition of a chief.

The detained traditional leaders have been slapped with trumped charges of unlawful assembly, inciting violence, criminal trespass and arson simply because they are opposed to imposition of one Chileshe Yulaya to the throne by the PF government.

The arrested are mostly elderly men in their 60s and 70s and have been denied police bond. They were arrested last Friday and spent  the weekend incarcerated at Nambuluma police station

The headmen and the 10 other villagers were arrested while having a meeting at which they were discussing the leadership wrangle that has rocked the chieftainship.

Yulaya is said to be close to Sata hence the use of the police to arrest and deny the victims police bond.

‘To me, it seems the Police want to instil fear in the victims so that they don’ express their displeasure at the imposition of this unwanted to man to the chief Chewe throne,’ said a source.

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