Ndalamei gives NCC 3 options

Secretary to Treasury LIKOLO NDALAMEI says it may be impossibe to prepare and approve the national budget by March 31st in an election year.

Mr NDALAMEI says the approval of the national budget may also not be possible in the event of a re- run and presidential petitions around the end of October.

The Secretary to the Treasury raised the concerns when he was called to render advice to the National Constitutional Conference delegates in LUSAKA Thursday.

His concerns are shrouded around the polling date of the last Wednesday of September in an election year, shortly after which his ministry is required to present the budget to parliament.

Mr. NDALAMEI was invited by the NCC secretariat to render advice on the interaction of the budget and electoral cycles.

He proposed three options for the NCC’s consideration among them is the shortening of the 97 day period within which the Supreme Court can determine a petition to 45 days.

In his second option Mr. NDALAMEI, suggested the use of a transferable vote system for the presidential election so as to avoid the need for a re- run election.

Mr. NDALAMEI also suggested the shifting of the financial year by three months to run from April to March while the election date can be brought forward by 10 weeks to the first week of July.

The NCC’s public Finance and Democratic Government will sit to determine the options.

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