NDC defections in Mufulira were fake

NDC defections in Mufulira  were fake


A few days ago I forewarned people about a forthcoming PF stage managed defection to claim that NDC is loosing membership to PF. That small number you saw was less than 150 people from PF and not NDC. It was meant to create an impression that the PF provincial leadership is working like they always claim. I feel pity for President Lungu because this team which was supposed to be fired after loosing election to NDC in ROAN CONSTITUENCY is still painting the same picture that things are still okey for PF in the copperbelt. You made the whole bunch of Ministers to bring their cash and danced dununa reverse melody without telling your bosses that there was a volcano burning, and was about to erupt. Bembas say” Imputi Isula taibula kubwekeshapo”. Ask OP to get the facts straight. Copperbelt is sour and on fire. You can’t seperate suffering from this name PF.

The only member we lost was Bernard Mwila who happened to be my Youth Chairman and I earlier told him that President Kambwili received information from the security that he collected some cash from Nathan Chanda to disturbilize the strongest part on the copperbelt NDC. This was the only thing I spoke to him about on the phone. Later he defected to PF without clearing this allegation. We wish him well. Remember, the strenghth of a crocodile is in the water. We are in the copperbelt waters.

If you see a party starts stage managing defections to mislead people into believing that they are popular, then their days are finished. They say, “Every dog has a date”. Your stage managed defection with a young man who once was a member of NDC, Mubanga, has not yielded anything. NDC is still intact and no crack developed so far. Mwachepa sana. Honestly, can an elephant stop drinking water because a dog is barking?

My only appeal to NDC members on the Copperbelt is, whenever you hear that there is information regarding PF making defections, please go there, pretend like you want to defect and get your stolen money back. PF is already dead, these are MMD tricks they used to apply during Rupia Bandas time. They won every election, councillors and MPs were bought to defect but time came, they drunk their own concoction in 2011.

Let me advice you on the best copperbelt approach; deal with corruption, bad economy, unemployment, Gold scums, fire some ministers stealing, put sanity in the mines, stop respecting chinese more than Zambians, then you can have the Copperbelt. How I wish you gave us an apportunity to show you our numbers on DeadNBC. What you showed on TV can only be organised by our NDC section Chairmen and yet we can not even have our meetings openly like you are doing. Ulubuli lwakwikata na COVID19. wait 4 next year, we promise you another volcano. The whole copperbelt!

Lesa fye eka.

Issued by;

George Sichula

NDC Copperbelt provincial Chairman

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