NDC detects corruption in Avic police house

NDC detects corruption in Avic  police house

NDC questions cost of AVIC built houses
– Us$136, 170 per housing unit


President Edgar Lungu commissioned 38 police housing units in Chibombo this morning. It’s reported that the total cost of building these units was in excess of $5 Million.

$5 Million / 38 = $131,579 per house.
At today’s exchange rates this is equal to K1.7 Million per house.

This cost seems very excessive. Good quality houses can be built for less than half that cost.

NAPSA has got much better houses near Heroes Stadium which they are selling for K600,000. The cost of land is also much higher in Lusaka than in Chibombo where the government basically owned the land on which these houses were built.

Good evening fellow Zambians,

Earlier today we questioned the astronomical cost at which police housing units are being built by AVIC. We follow up from where we left.

To give you a brief background, government awarded AVIC a contract of $320 Million to construct 2,350 housing units for ZP,DEC, Immigration and the Prisons Service across the country.

This translates to a cost of $136,170 per house.

$320 Million / 2350 Houses = $136,170 per house.

This price seems excessive for the type of housing units being developed by AVIC. What they are building is container pre-fabricated houses at a cost of over K1.7 Million each.

Our question is why are these houses so expensive to build ?

Compare and contrast with the NAPSA housing estate at Northgate Gardens near Heroes Stadium.
NAPSA developed hundreds of modern housing units at Northgate.
These are modern 3 bedroomed self contained housing units with tarred roads and electric fencing.
NAPSA has been selling these houses for a profit at a price of K575,000.
So why does a 3 bedromed container house built by AVIC in Chibombo district cost X 3 the selling price of a NAPSA house in Lusaka ?

K1.7 Million per house ?

Is there any logic or sense in that ?

As Zambians we need to start analysing these things and call our leaders to account. Let them provide us with a bill of quantities to prove what makes up this astronomical cost.

We have put two photos, one of the K1.7 Million police house and one of the K575,000 NAPSA house. Compare and contrast and form your own opinion.

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