NDC on Copperbelt castigates Kambwili

NDC on Copperbelt castigates Kambwili


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) party Copperbelt Boss George Sichula has described the asking of forgiveness of Kambwili from the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a stunt, and for everyone who knows Kambwili could tell from the way he appeared on Zambia National Broadcasting Television (ZNBC) with a written apology that Indeed those are tactics from him. Sichula said

The former NDC interim leader Chishimba Kambwili few days ago was asking for forgiveness from President ECL with a Catholic priest seating by his side and he called himself a Christian, which is a very good thing, Christianity is free, anyone can call themselves Christians but, very few are true Christians, so Hon Kambwili wanted to be forgiven by the head of state and on the next day he decides to expel some members of NDC? We’re is the reasoning there? It’s not adding up, this takes me to a man in the Bible who went to the king, he was suppose to pay some debt which he owed the king in the Bible, he pleaded with them king to be given more time but when he went out what happened, he found someone that owed him money and he mistreated that person, so when the king heard of that news, he was very upset, so for me I can say Kambwili has no moral standing, his pretending to be a Christian, when in actual sense his not a Christian. Said Sichula

Zambian people the motto of NDC says (lesafye eka) meaning only God, don’t be shocked how some people have been ejected out of NDC it’s because they are not worshiping God in truth and in spirit, my prayer is let those people repent and start honouring God, Sichula said

I wish to appeal to many Zambians who are supporting the alliance to ignore such rantings of expulsions as none has been expelled, I King George am still Copperbelt NDC boss, what these guys are doing has got no legal backup, all they are looking for now is a political relevance for Kambwili of cause they have heard that his now finished, his a finished politician, he has no value, like I keep saying CK had value in the alliance, him going to PF now, he has made a move which we call political suicide and his move has only strengthened the opposition alliance and for me he shall meet me in the Copperbelt if at all PF will again use him during the general elections before they dump him. CK should know that PF does not even want him and we all know that his apology was not genuine as what his looking for is a favour in his court cases, and Zambians follow CK’s cases in a few weeks you shall hear a nolle Proseque.

What ever CK is doing now is just trying to make it look as if his popular so that he puts a flesh on his bones, his basically preparing to take off to PF and hopping to go with numbers, but that shall not happen as every well meaning NDC Member is not with him.

Lastly I want to say that President Rikki Josephs Akafumba is our NDC Acting President and NDC is in the UPND Alliance.

Issued by: NDC Media Department

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