NDC to protest against Avic corruption

NDC to protest against Avic corruption

NDC to conduct Countrywide Protests Against Avic International in August.

Kitwe. 18.07.2018.

The planned countrywide protests by NDC youths countrywide against Avic International will start next month.

NDC National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita says the protest will start with Kitwe on August 3 rd next month.

He adds that the protests will proceeded to Chingola and Mufulira districts on the 10 th and 17 th of August respectively.

Mr. Kabwita said the protests will be staged at respective District Commissioners offices starting at 09.00 hours.

He notes that NDC youths are instructed to be clad in black attires on the days of the protest.

Mr. Kabwita said the protests will move to chililabombwe and Ndola districts on the 24 and 31 August respectively.

He said civil society groupings, academia, labor unions, residents and youths from other political parties are invited to join the

Mr. Kabwita has regretted that Government has continued awarding dubious contracts to Avic international at the expense of local contractors.

He said Zambia’s reserves have dried up owing to capital flight by Avic international.

He has regretted that Avic international is now being as a surrogate of the pf regime to syphone money.

The NDC National youth leader has since started notifying police in respective districts on the planned protests.

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